Blue - completed activity;

Green - activity in progress;


WP. 1 Improvement of the current and development of the new study programs at all three cycles

1.1. Report on current study programs and needs

1.2. Learning outcomes and competences defined

1.3. Redesigned and new MA and BA programs

1.4. New PhD study programs designed


WP. 2 Upgrading of methodology

2.1. Teachers and trainers trained

2.2. Staff trained

2.3. Teaching and LLL courses materials developed

2.4. Teaching and LLL courses materials published

2.5. Equipment/teaching material purchased/installed


WP. 3 Implementation of reformed and new study programs

3.1. BA and MA programs implemented

3.2. PhD programs implemented

3.3. Student mobility accomplished

3.4. Student placements accomplished


WP 4. Development and  implementation of LLL courses

4.1. LLL center at one PC institution strengthened

4.2. LLL courses for non-academic partners defined

4.3. LLL courses implemented


WP. 5 Quality control and monitoring of the project

5.1. Quality control procedures implemented

5.2. Student feedback received

5.3. Feedback from non-academic partners received

5.4. Peer reviews of curriculum and content of courses received

5.5. Regular reports on the project progress delivered


WP. 6 Dissemination of the project results

6.1. Forum of the MHE institutions established

6.2. Workshop Curricula modernization and development

6.3. Music students union of WB institutions created

6.4. Project web site set up

6.5. Alumni association created

6.6. Promotional activities held


WP. 7 Sustainability of the project achievements

7.1. Restructured and new curricula accredited

7.2. LLL courses accredited

7.3. Links between acad. and nonacad. partn. maintained

7.4. Report on labour-market needs created


WP. 8 Management of the project

8.1. Kick-off meeting held

8.2. Overall project management and administr. realized


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