2012. February 10-12, Initial working session for jazz and performance, Faculty of Music in Belgrade, Serbia

Initial working session for jazz and performance gathered partners from UA, UKG, UP, KMH, JAMU and LMTA. Participants exchanged their experience and ideas in a very pleasant atmosphere, in spite of cold and snowy weather. 


2011. December 12-13, Tempus project representatives meeting, Brussels, Belgium

Meeting of all the representatives from the institutions which got Tempus projects was held in Brussels. Mrs. Milena Stanišić was a representative of the Coordinator institution at this meeting.


2011. November 17-22, Kick off meeting in University of Arts in Belgrade, Serbia

Meeting of representatives of all institutions of the consortium for the InMusWB project was held in very pleasant atmosphere in the period November, 17 th- 20th 2012. at the premises of Rectorate of University of Arts in Belgrade. 


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